Baked Country Chicken – easy and delicious

18 Jun

 This is a great chicken dish.  Tasty, spicy without being hot, and can be prepared up to 24 hours ahead.  It would be a fantastic dish for a barbecue as you cook it in the oven first so there are no niggling fears it will be undercooked on the day.  Just finish it off on the barbecue to give it that smoky, charred finish and a crispy skin.  I had to finish mine off under the grill, courtesy of the great British summer and torrential rain, but hey-ho, it tasted fantastic anyway.  I served it with a large mixed salad and the entire meal was a delight and low in calories – a bonus!

The chicken is marinated in a wonderful creamy, curry sauce before baking.  Marinades add flavor to food. They also add moisture, particularly when the marinade contains an oil base. Some marinades are also thought to tenderise meats. I used chicken thighs with the bone in and skin on so I as able to marinade fo 24 hours so that the flavours had seeped into the chicken to give it a great flavour.  If you use skinless or boned chicken shorten the marinade time or the chicken could become mushy.  There are a few safety tips on marinating that need to be observed to prevent any food poisoning.

  • Bacteria grow rapidly at room temperature, so for food safety purposes, food should always be refrigerated while marinating. (Refrigeration slows bacterial growth.)
  • Marinade that has been used on raw meat, poultry, and seafood contains raw juices. These juices may contain bacteria that, if eaten, could make you sick. The acid in marinade doesn’t kill bacteria, it merely slows or stops bacterial growth. If you intend to use the same mixture to baste, either set aside a small amount before marinating, or boil the marinade for five minutes before using it as a basting sauce.
  • In meats, the acid causes the tissue to break down, allowing more moisture to be absorbed and giving a juicier end product. However, too much acid can be detrimental to the end product. A good marinade will have a delicate balance of spices, acids, and oil.
  • It is generally not recommended that raw marinated meats be frozen, as the marinade can break down the surface and make the outer layer turn mushy.

I found the recipe for this dish in my Good Food magazine.  Here is a link to the recipe on their website and my slideshow to demonstrate each step is below.

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